Are Wood Windows Worth The Money?

20 March 2020

Are Wood Windows Worth The Money?

Wood windows are renowned for their beautiful joinery, slim profiles, and historic characteristics. But are they worth the investment? Most homeowners looking at replacing their windows will look at wood, aluminium/aluclad or Upvc windows.

However, there are a number of factors that you need to consider before determining your next window investment such as:

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Cost
  3. Design Versatility
  4. Maintenance & Durability
  5. Return On Investment

Timber Sash Windows Dublin


Premium wood windows offer beautiful handcrafted joinery that truly upgrades your home in style. Wood offers warmth, texture, and character compared to alternatives such as uPVC and aluminium.

Quality wood craftsmanship often features flash finishes in the joints (avoiding deep visible v-cuts) and luxurious profile detailing.

Slim frames allow natural light to flood your interiors and provides uninterrupted sightlines of your surrounding views.

Whilst wood has been the preferred material for restoring or renovating period style homes, its versatility can offer a sustainable solution for even contemporary projects.

Wood Windows Worth Mooney


Typically speaking wood windows are in between aluminium/aluclad and Upvc. This makes wood windows a good investment for homeowners who have a restricted budget but are not willing to compromise on aesthetics with cheap uPVC.

Design Versatility

Timber is an excellent cost-effective material to work with for manufacturers. It offers great flexibility to create large sizes and a variety of bespoke shapes.

If you want to change your window colours you can just repaint them in a different shade. This isn’t possible for aluminium or uPVC.


Maintenance & Durability

It’s no secret that wood windows require maintenance. But how often should you be painting your new windows?

Typically you won’t need to paint your windows between 6-8 years if your provider uses factory-applied paint. Depending on how exposed your windows are, you’ll be looking on average every 5 years (depending on paint quality) to touch up your windows. By regularly maintaining your wood windows you can see your windows lasting between 50-60 years. Upvc windows typically last between 20-25 years and can’t be restored like timber can.

Most premium wood windows use engineered timber that is finger-jointed. Multiple layers of timber are laminated together (rather than just one piece of timber) to prevent twisting, movement and warping. This modern feature vastly prolongs the lifespan of your wood windows.

Return On Investment

Replacement wood windows can give you a great return on your investment in two ways. The first is enhanced energy performance. Premium wood windows feature modern double/triple glazing technology such as argon gas and low e coating. This can vastly decrease your energy consumption by up to 35%.

High-end joinery aesthetics can transform your facade and actually improve the value of your home. This is especially the case if your home currently has cheap-looking uPVC windows.

The long term benefits of wood windows vastly out ways the short-term costs of uPVC.

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