Megrame Wooden Sliding Sash

Megrame Wooden Sliding Sash Windows

Signature’s wooden sliding sash windows have all the characteristics suitable for new-built construction, conservation and listed building window replacement. The Signature Sliding Sash window range is based on original designs, incorporating the latest technology to deliver the highest quality windows.  Opening options include traditional weights and pulley, spring balance and inwards tilting sash. The traditional sash is available with bespoke characteristics as it can be made as an exact replica of the original sash including details like sash horns, glazing detail, checkrail and is the choice for conservation projects.

Unlike a joinery sliding sash window the Signature sliding sash provides you with the highest performing energy efficient unit on the market today and optimum security with its sash locks and restrictors. The Signature in-house Painting Department can provide fully customised colour options and the highly skilled installation team can restore and re-instate existing wooden architraving.

Our wooden sliding sash windows are designed specially for your requirements. Whatever you need, we’ll find the right solution for you. Get in touch now.

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