Signature Window & Door Solutions

Looking for a window and door solution that puts your needs at the forefront? New build or replacement, commercial or home, we tailor our solutions to your exact requirements.

Windows & Doors

Traditional Windows & Doors Range

Signature Megrame offer wooden windows and doors to match traditional UK and Irish indigenous styles. Our Traditional Window Range includes weighted and sprung sliding sash windows, flush casement and top hung windows and wooden tilt & turn windows. The Signature Megrame Traditional door series includes classical and flush entrance doors and traditional style French doors. The Signature Megrame Traditional range features four traditional profiling options for frame and sash. Ovolo, Lamb’s Tongue, Concave and Putty line. Flat finish to joints to avoid unsightly V joints, Narrow shadow lines to create authentic handcrafted design. This range of windows and doors meets most Conservation requirements for historical replication.

Contemporary Window and Doors Range

Signature Megrame offer high performance wood and aluminium clad wood contemporary style windows & doors. Our Signature Megrame fixed, tilt only, tilt & turn and side hung windows provide easy cleaning & maintenance, as they open inwards. If your project requires especially large windows or units with non-standard dimensions we can accommodate these requirements. The Signature Megrame Casement Side Hung and Top Hung window series open outwards allowing you to utilise all your internal room space and provides ventilation. The windows are made of triple layered glue laminated timber. Operable sashes can be double or triple glazed.

Signature Megrame tilt and turn doors, sliding doors and folding doors are available in this range as well as Lift & slide doors which can be up to 3 meters high and 6 meters wide allowing maximum light into your home.


Classic American Windows & Doors Range

Signature Andersen Windows and Doors offer an industry-leading, innovative approach to windows and doors that’s based not on the type of window or door, but rather on the style of home you want to create.
Never before has it been so easy to dream, easy to understand your options and easy to select the windows and doors that fit not just your home, but also your vision. Choose from an array of elegant shapes and monumental sizes to create dramatic window combinations. All Signature Andersen windows and doors have an aluminium clad exterior engineered to the wood core. The cladding is available in 50 standard colours and 7 anodized finishes. The rich wood interior is available in 10 species with 12 standard finish options and custom finishes also available.