Wood Windows With Aluminium Cladding Exterior for Low Maintenance

Wood windows with aluminium cladding combine the best properties of different materials. Beautiful warm wood and durable, high performance aluminium.

Wood windows with aluminium cladding combine the best properties of different materials:

Wood as a proven and environmentally friendly building material is not only highly durable and capable of withstanding strain; it also creates a friendly and warm atmosphere in home interiors.
Aluminium is a modern high-tech product characterised by versatility and indestructibility combined with low weight. Being weatherproof, it provides optimum external protection for the wood.

Frames and sashes of Signature aluminium clad wood windows and doors are externally covered with preassembled aluminium sections that are held clear of the timber surface to allow drainage and ventilation.

Aluminium clad wood products are highly durable and are low maintenance. Signature Aluminium Clad Wood Windows  are ideal for places in harsh environments, high-rise apartments, or where access to the windows is difficult. All Signature aluminium clad wood windows are made-to-measure and can be fitted with a complete range of opening and closing solutions.


The advantages of aluminium clad wood products:

• Aluminium clad wood windows and doors last a life time because the cladding aluminium protects the exterior surfaces of the wood giving it long-term protection from the negative environmental influences: rain, snow and sunlight.
• Signature Windows & Doors aluminium profile systems provide optimum ventilation to ensure that no humidity will concentrate between the aluminium profile and the wood, so preventing mould.
• Aluminium is an easy-to-clean, low maintenance and colour-stable material.
• You can choose from a nearly unlimited number of possible colours and textures for the exterior design including RAL
colours, anodized colours of aluminium and different textures.
• There are wood-aluminium solutions for every type of window, ranging from single Side Hung windows to Tilt & Turn windows and sliding doors.
• Wood-aluminium windows and doors are available in almost every type and shape for customised facade design.


The Signature Windows & Doors team of design professionals have more than 20 years experience in designing window and door solutions. Today we manufacture more than 10 product ranges and each range has its own characteristics. You can use each range individually or combine different ranges to achieve an optimal solution.
We work with builders, architects and homeowners providing a large selection of window and door products, from the
traditional to the extraordinary. Our specialists assist customers in choosing the right product range. We prepare a
project and all drawings of windows, doors, curtain walls for each project; we customise the windows if needed for any
individual projects and we prepare drawing  of window configurations.

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