What Are Passive Windows?

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What Are Passive Windows?

07 October 2019

What Are Passive Windows?

To answer the question ‘what is a passive windows’ we must first look at the definition of a passive house (Passivhaus). A Passivhaus is a home that strives to use the least amount of energy possible for all heating and cooling. When planning to design and build a passive house there are certain criteria and standards that must be met in regards to heating, cooling, air leakage and total energy consumption.

There have been many technological and industrial advances in the way contemporary homes are built compared to several years ago. People generally now have more of an understanding of the value of sound insulation that reduces carbon footprint and retains heat inside the home. Passivhaus originated in Germany, but since then the concept has grown very popular in places such as the Republic of Ireland, The United Kingdom and many Scandinavian countries.

Passive windows installed in family refurbishment

As you may have guessed, passive windows are extremely energy-efficient windows. To be certified as a Passivhaus a building must meet certain standards as set by the Passive House Institute which Signature can meet.

Signature can reach U-Values as low as 0.65 w/m2k without sacrificing aesthetics with our Contemporary Aluminium Clad Wood Range. 

What To Expect From Your Window Investment

  • Lower energy bills
  • Improved comfort within your home
  • Greater natural light thanks to slim profiles
  • Increased home value
  • Updated interior decor with premium window aesthetics

Passive windows on lift & slide doors

How Passive Windows Can Be Good For Your Health

The standard window can be detrimental to your health. The colder surface temperature means that the humidity on the window surfaces can cause condensation to occur. A house that has condensation is at risk of mould and the associated dangers to your health. Passivhaus Windows eliminate this risk.

The integrated design approach of the international Passivhaus Standard windows ensures a condensation-free indoor environment. This is a healthy and mould-free environment that all people would benefit from.

The blend of energy efficiency and health has another benefit. Passive windows can cut cost on your energy bill, they are durable and also provide good conditions for building materials to last. Eliminating the damp/mould and the connected material degradation ensures Passivhaus windows continue to perform over their long lifespan.

Passive Aluclad Windows

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