The Megrame Wooden Casement and Awning Windows have been designed to replicate traditional joinery profiles used in the UK and Ireland. Excellent manufacturing skills are employed to achieve the narrow shadow lines on flush casements. All joints are provided with a flat finish almost invisible to the naked eye. This is in stark contrast to most other manufacturers who use deep vee cuts to cover up inaccurate jointing. The flush design avoids having sash end grain exposed to the weather elements. Megrame Wooden Casement Windows are sanded by hand after priming and protective treatments to give a top class unblemished finish.

To replicate traditional UK and Ireland designs a wooden ‘putty’ line beading is generally applied to the exterior and matched with similar profile on the window frame. In addition, there are four types of interior profiling for all casement and awning products:

  • The Ovolo glazing bars and profiled interior frames are available in 18mm and 22mm widths as standard.
  • The Lamb’s tongue is traditional in style and also available as standard in 18 mm 22mm widths.
  • The Cove profile is also available as a standard option.
  • There is also a contemporary style putty line available with an almost square profile.