What Is A Transitional Style Home?

What is a Transitional Style home?

07 March 2019

A transitional style home is a modern fusion of traditional and contemporary styles as it mixes both old and new together. The two styles are brought together simultaneously which results in a cohesive design. It has a sense of comfort compared to other styles.This style allows you more freedom as you can break the rules and add your own twist. Some features of this style include:



Features of A Transitional style home:


Neutral wall colours

Similar to contemporary design, transitional spaces usually have a neutral colour palette. Transitional design is known for its clean and subtle colours.

Simple Lines

The use of simple, soft, sophisticated lines are a feature of transitional design. The lines used are not as bold and sharp as those found in contemporary styles.


Bold, Comfortable furniture

Choose furniture that is comfortable and inviting. This style is less formal it focuses on comfort and practicality, unlike contemporary design which can sometimes appear cold and uncomfortable. The colours and fabrics often used in transitional style furniture are usually neutral and toned down.


Transitional Style Home

Organic Textures

Texture adds variety and interest to transitional spaces. Incorporate textural elements into your design such as stone, wood, glass, metal, steel.

Minimal Artwork and Accessories

Take the less is more approach. Transitional home accessories should be simple and minimalistic. Display artwork and ornaments in an understated way using basic frames with clean lines. Accessories should be used sparingly to keep the focus on the simplicity and sophistication of the design.


Your windows will play a huge role in the design and look of your home. For a transitional style home, when it comes to windows you need to think big. Big windows open up the space and allow natural light to flood the room. Contemporary picture windows and bay windows are a popular choice however the transitional style might also use large traditional sash windows.


Transitional Style Home


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