Commitment to the environment

Signature Windows & Doors recognises the need to limit our impact on the environment -
respect for the environment is important to us. Sustainability is about responsible material
sourcing, energy efficiency, recycling, carbon emissions and life expectancy of products.

Sustainable Windows and Doors

05 February 2015

Responsible material sourcing.

It is essential to consider how your windows are made and what they are made from Signature Windows & Doors is committed to the use of raw materials from sustainable sources, maximising the use of recycled materials and minimising the use of energy from non-renewable sources. Our timber comes from sustainable forests, from FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) accredited suppliers. All our finishes are water- based and eco friendly.

Energy efficiency.

Products used in the building construction can significantly improve energy efficiency and reduce running costs. Windows with low U-values are very important and Signature Windows & Doors can reach U-values as low as

Carbon emissions.

Argon filled energy efficient glass units maximise thermal gain, reduce thermal loss and reflect heat back into the room in the winter time in order to drastically reduce the need for heating and therefore the release of CO2. In the summer Signature Windows & Doors can be designed to reduce solar gain and increase natural ventilation, thus reducing the need for air conditioning.

Life expectancy of products.

As our motto is ‘Windows for a lifetime’ we do everything to deliver this to our customers. Signature Windows & Doors and our manufacturing companies offer a comprehensive warranty of 10 years on all windows and doors.

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