Recommended check list for replacement of windows and doors to your home.

11 Guidelines when replacing your windows and doors to improve insulation, look and comfort levels of your home.

Recommended check list for replacement of windows and doors to your home.

05 June 2015


1. Removal, disposal and recycling of old windows.

2..Retention of existing viable architrave, shutter boxes with an option to match existing woodwork including period detail.

3.Insertion of DPC ( damp proof coursing) in older buildings insuring future weatherproofing.

4.Insulation of the perimeter of the window frames with rock wool reducing air infiltration and heat loss, maximising comfort factor window the room.

5. Factory custom paint finish on all windows available,  on-site painting of existing timber work to match.

6.Sealing around the outside of the window frames, providing maximum protection against water and air penetration.

7. Typical time frame for whole house window replacement is 3-5 working days, customised to your timeframe.

8. Scaffolding provided by Signature for upper story replacement where required.

9. Signature trained and qualified installation teams.

10. Conservation approved Heritage sliding sash and casement windows ( link to website).

11. All windows and doors are CE Certified, meeting mandatory European window requirements.

To view recent Signature window and door replacement project please click here

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