Ongoing Refurbishment Project | White Hall Cross, Kildare

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Project Spotlight Live Summer 2017 | Ongoing Refurbishment Project

16 July 2017

Traditional Family Home Upgrades To Contemporary Design & Performance

The homeowner of this refurbishment project bought their family home 18 months ago and set out on designing an extensive renovation to modernise their home. Signature Windows & Doors were invited to work with both the homeowner and Liam McLoughlin (client’s architect) to provide a high quality solution to the different unique challenges that this project faced. Below you can see the current design of the old windows and doors.

Project Spotlight Signature Windows

The Challenges Ahead For This Refurbishment Project

This ongoing refurbishment project had four main challenges that needed to be addressed. Let’s have a look at them one by one and how we plan to solve each problem.

A Low Maintenance Window Solution

With the window frames originally constructed out of teak, the homeowner sought for a low maintenance and modern solution for their windows that will prolong the lifetime value without any maintenance whats so ever. Signature’s new Innovative Energy-Efficient Water-Tight Contemporary Window provided the perfect solution for this refurbishment project due to:

  • The ultra-durable external aluminium cladding
  • Slim profiles
  • Consistent sight lines
  • Excellent U-value thermal coefficient of near passive levels up to 0.8 W/m2k
  • Water-tightness 71% better than the minimum recommended standard.

Improved Noise Reduction Through Double Glazing

Due to the physical location of the family home being quite near a main road, the homeowners wanted to reduce the noise levels from the exterior of their home. In order to achieve this, we included sound deadening glass throughout all the windows which will give a higher dB rating.This will be achieved by using different thickness of glass in the double glazed units.

Clear Sight Lines To Maximise Scenic Views

With the extremely large opening units in the Kitchen, Dining, and Living space, the homeowner wanted to maximise their scenic views and minimise the divides in the window. In order to achieve this we will be using a 3045mm x 2045mm fixed window. To manufacture this window to a higher quality,  6mm laminated glass was used in the window which would be 50% thicker than standard 4mm glass.

A Grand Entrance

The client and architect wanted the front entrance door to stand out and be a key feature when you drive up the drive way. They wanted it to be clear that when you drive up, that the front door at the toof the steps was the entrance to the house rather than the entrance to the basement being main focal point of the home. The entrance door will be designed out of solid wood with 3 panels to the bottom and glazed the rest of the way with 2 glazed sidelights.

The client particularly liked the different profile options they could choose froour Traditional Range and went for the putty profile on the interioof the door. The door panel will be painted RAL 1003 Signal Yellow, which will allow the front door to become a key focal point of the home. Below you can see the current style of the old entrance door and facade.


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