Aluclad Wood Windows for Passive U-Values & Ultimate Sustainability

The innovative Signature UPB Passive Aluminium Clad Wood Windows (aka Aluclad Windows) are designed to achieve the highest energy efficiency, water-tightness rating (71% better than the minimum recommended standard) and thermal insulation performance in the industry today.

This state-of-the-art sustainable system offers the most cost-effective passive energy-efficient windows solution for your low-energy building project. The slimline traditional Scandinavian window design combines modern shapes, faultless functionality and superior quality.

Signature’s passive standard aluminium clad wood windows are perfect for contemporary replacement, new-build, extensions and refurbishment projects that require a next-generation window solution

Window Operation Styles

Energy Efficient Window Operation


Features & Options

Contemporary design is about maximising natural light, uninterrupted sightlines and minimalistic profiles. Signature’s Contemporary Aluclad windows & doors feature a wide range of features and options that will transform your project vision into a beautiful reality.

Design & Aesthetics

  • Clean & Slim Modern Appearance: Signature’s Contemporary Aluclad windows feature modern minimalistic profiles with no sacrifice on a slim design for first-rate performance.
  • Large Dramatic Sizes: Create a wall of glass or an architectural focal point for your home with some of the largest bespoke sizes available in the Irish market.
  • Tight Flush Finish: The tight gap between sash and frames gives the window a more refined look and enhances its performance.
  • Elegant Hardware Options: Standard handles are available in a luxurious silver finish; Other colours can be requested as optional

Next-Generation Performance Components

aluclad cross section
The black thermal-break polymer prevents water from lodging between the external clad and internal wood, prolonging the lifespan of your windows.

  • Impermeable Thermal-Break Between Cladding & Wood: Signature’s Aluminium Clad Wood Casement Windows consist of a black thermal-break polymer which enhances insulation performance by at least 35% and doubles water-tightness.
  • Effective Drainage Holes: Water that passes between the exterior cladding and polymer thermal-break can escape through drainage holes to prolong the lifetime of your windows.
  • Ultimate Water-Tightness: Signature boasts a water-tightness rating of 1200 pascals which is 2X better than maximum CE standard of 600 pascals which most high-spec aluclad products qualify for.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Signature’s Contemporary Slim Aluclad Windows can achieve Near Passive Standards at great value, reaching thermal and air-tightness performance that helps reduce energy bills.

Clad/Wood Colours

Signature’s low maintenance aluminium cladding exterior features high-quality powder coated factory paint finish that offers remarkable resistance to fading and chalking.

  • Any RAL Colour. Any window or door.
  • Over 30 wood stains
  • Matching or dual interior/exterior

Window Energy & Performance Ratings

The options of glazing type and thickness make it possible to reach different sound insulation, thermal insulation levels and tinted glass.

  • U-Value ratings as low as 0.8 W/m2k with operating windows & 0.65 W/m2k with fixed windows.
  • Thermal break polymer improves insulation performance by at least 35%
  • Water-tightness 71% better than the minimum recommended standard
  • Can achieve Sound Deadening Performance ratings

Security For Peace Of Mind

  • Multi-point locking systems
  • Child safety latch & handle locks with keys
  • Lockable night vent mode to allow fresh air to infuse your room in a secure manner while you sleep

Full Architectural & Installation Capabilities

Signature offers full in-house architectural services to turn your vision into a reality. From a dramatic statement with a wall of glass or a uniquely sized custom window, we work closely with homeowners to meet the structural and minimalist aesthetic requirements that modern homes in Ireland demand.

In-House Services:

  • Free project conception and consultation
  • Detailed analysis of plans and specifications
  • Custom and set window drawings
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Full installation (including removale and disposal of old windows if required)

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