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Clad Wood Windows

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AluClad Wood Windows – Alternative Wood Window Solutions

10 July 2017

Traditional Timber Window Problems

Timber windows are environmentally sustainable and renewable. Wood provides high quality, long lifespan and insulation in addition to its natural appealing beauty. Thus, well-maintained timber windows might require attention only after 5 to 10 years. Aluminium clad (also known as AluClad Wood Windows ), however, is a low maintenance exterior material that protects the wood from the natural elements, whilst adding a modern feel and elegant detail to the house as a whole.

Alu-clad Sliding Sash Windows

Next-Generation AluClad Wood Windows

For complete custom-ability, the cladding is available in a wide range of colours and finishes. AluClad Wood Windows clad are not only highly engineered products with the latest performance and technology, but they can also match the profiles and the look of traditional wooden windows.

Our custom made clad casings are made of ultra-durable extruded aluminium, which features a beautifully applied factory finish that resists chalking, fading, pitting, corrosion and marring.

 Traditional Styled AluClad Wood Windows


  • Exclusive AluClad Windows & Doors by Andersen That Define Your Home With Distinctive Luxury
  • Bespoke Sizes & Designs
  • Maintain Irish Indigenous Window Designs & Profiles
  • Features A Refined Extruded Aluminium Exterior With Narrow Sightlines
  • Detailed Wooden Interiors To Embellish Your Home With Elegance
  • Large Dramatic Sizes With High-Performance Ratings
  • Energy-Efficient Glazing With Low-E Coating & Argon Gas
  • Slim 16mm or 22mm Glazing Bar Sizes
  • 50 Exterior Colour Options And A Wide Range Of Interior Options
  • Suitable For Replacement, Refurbishments & Newbuilds With A Traditional Architectural Design
  • 10/20 Year Warranty As Standard
Contemporary Styled AluClad Wood Windows


  • Can Meet Passive Energy Standards With U-Values As Low As 0.65 W/m2K At Large Sizes
  • Custom Sizes & Designs
  • Features A Clean Minimalistic And Slim Modern Window Profile
  • Energy-Efficient Glazing With Low-E Coating & Argon Gas
  • Ireland’s First Polymer Thermally Broken AluClad Windows Which Prevents Water From Lodging In The Windows
  • Create A Wall Of Contemporary Styled Glazing In Your Home
  • Choose Any RAL Colour To Match Your Design Tastes
  • Sound Deadening Performance Options
  • Suitable For Replacement, Refurbishments & Newbuilds With A Modern Architectural Design
  • 10 Year Warranty As Standard

AluClad Wood Windows With Unlimited Possibilities
Designed Around You

Our aluminium clad wood window ranges are also available in both standard and custom sizing making it suitable for both replacement and new build applications.

White Aluclad Sliding Sash Home Interior Decor

Traditional Style Sash Windows With Modern Aluminium Clad Exterior

Signature’s aluminium clad wood sliding sash windows from the Andersen Collection are a value-added feature to your home and are also very easy to clean, with a tilt-in mechanism to reach all area’s of the exterior. Exceptional energy efficiency is attained with this high-performance low E-4 argon filled self-cleaning glass.

Aluminium Clad Wood Sliding Sash Windows Features & Benefits

Tilt in Aluclad Sliding Sash

  • Classic look aluminium clad wood sliding sash windows with modern performance standards.
  • Narrow meeting rail creates traditional and finely profiled frames.
  • Tilting sash featuring concealed easy-tilt locks allows easy cleaning from inside the house.
  • Slim profiles provide finely crafted detail and a refined shadow line.
  • Strong vertical emphasis of the narrow window frames creates a classical architectural element.
  • Aesthetically pleasing windows which match all other Signature Andersen Windows and Doors range.
  • Fully customisable window with 50 exterior clad colours and 7 anodized finishes and a variety of hardware styles.
  • Interior wood available in 10 species and 12 finish options to match your interior décor.
  • For both beauty and performance a range of glazing options are available.
  • Standard and custom sizes available allow you to create your own design.
  • Extensive warranty available as standard.

See Signature’s extensive range of various designs of Alu-Clad Wood Sliding Sash Windows in our gallery by clicking on the link below.