How to choose the right doors?

15 October 2014

How to choose the right doors?

In order to chose the best solution the following criteria should be taken into account:

Desired opening.
What is the function of the door? Is it only entry-exit or is there a need to open your living area
Ease of operation.
Who will operate the doors? Will children be opening them? Is there a need to lock the doors from the outside?
Threshold height.
Will there be a lot of movement? Maybe there is a need for disabled access?
Characteristics required.
Are there any special safety or acoustics requirements? Bigger maximum sash weight allows heavier glass units to be installed, this increases the sound insulation and safety of the doors.

The following table will help to compare different criteria and to choose the right type of door

how to choose doors

When the inside space is limited and there is no possibility to use tilt & turn or folding doors we suggest tilt & slide or lift & slide doors, where the sashes slide in front of a fixed glass panel and stack perfectly within the door frame, providing a seamless transition from outside to inside.