Floor To Ceiling Windows

Everyone loves the idea of floor to ceiling windows but are they the right fit for your home?

Are Floor To Ceiling Windows Right For You?

05 September 2019

Floor to ceiling window in rare extension project
Floor to ceiling windows in modern apartment
Floor to ceiling windows in luxuries property in Dublin
Floor to ceiling window creating a beautiful view of the ocean

What Is A Floor To Ceiling Window?

A floor to ceiling window is an oversized window that spans from the floor to the ceiling. Floor to ceiling windows are a growing trend in modern Irish homes.

Pros And Cons Of Floor To Ceiling Windows


  • They open up the room and allow plenty of natural light; this contrast well with smaller rooms with dark elements.
  • It’s proven that natural light can lift your mood, Improves sleep, boosts vitamin D, and has many other health benefits.
  • Aesthetics is an incredibly popular reason for people choosing to install floor to ceiling windows. In private areas and areas with great views, they provide excellent design benefits.
  • The floor to ceiling windows provides an infinite view to your home, eliminating the border between the living space and nature outside. As a result, the living area becomes more spacious.


  • As with every pro in life, there is also a con. Foor to ceiling windows in your home do take away a little bit of privacy. If you don’t live in a private area, they can be incredibly revealing. However, putting up drapes will fix this.
  • Floor to ceiling windows without quality glazing can impact the temperature and comfort in the room. If you have animals or children or both this could be a problem.
  • It provides a large area of the glass if someone wants to break into your home.
  • They’re also pretty hard to clean if accessibility is restricted.

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