Customise & Design Your Own Andersen Window With Signature

Put your imagination to test and assume the designer role with the Andersen Window Builder.
Explore all the possibilities from glazing bars to colour finishes and more.

Design Your Own Signature Andersen Window

26 February 2018

Andersen Window Builder: It’s Time To Create Your Vision.


No longer do you need to just use your imagination when planning your next window project. Now with the Andersen window builder, you can design and customise your own unique window for your replacement or new build project. You can save it as PDF, e-mail it to yourself or a friend, or print it to bring to the official Irish distributors of Andersen, Signature windows.

The window builder is also available at Signature’s showroom in Rathmines, Dublin, where our window design experts will help you through the process in case you still have doubts or you’re just looking for inspiration and a second opinion.


Explore hundreds of different possibilities to find your perfect window!

  • Bare Wood Interior: Interiors available unfinished or stained in 10 species and 12 finish options to match your interior décor with a range of RAL colours to choose from.
  • Locks and Hardware: Find the perfect style to match or stand out from your wood selection.
  • Customizable Glazing Bars: Give your window its own identity by choosing our different types of patterns.
  • Interior & Exterior Painted Finishes: Select a different colour for both interior and exterior sash and frame. 50+ diverse options to finish your window.













Classic American Style Aluminium Clad Wood Windows and Doors Benefits

  • Premium American Windows & Doors Made-To-Order manufactured by Andersen.
  • Dramatic sizes and combinations to let in more natural light and create a focal point
  • Top of the range in window design with a large range of options available as standard enabling you to create simple and inherently clean, open-plan room areas
  • Refined clad exterior engineered to cover all wood ensuring no infiltration of rain and fully integrated with wood to improve appearance
  • Aesthetically pleasing windows with slim profiles to match traditional wood windows
  • For both beauty and performance, a range of glazing options are available
  • Glazing bar widths available in 16mm or 22mm
  • Narrow meeting rail creating classical finely profiled frames and providing a refined shadow line
  • Strong vertical emphasis of the narrow window frames creates a classical architectural element
  • 50 Exterior Clad Colours and 7 anodized finishes for a rich lustrous metallic appearance, enhancing your design
  • High-quality aluminium paint finishes with AAMA 2604 performance standard. Kynar paint finish available as an option
  • Extensive warranty available as standard.