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Signature’s Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file stored on your device by your Internet browser at the request of a website you are visiting. Text values are stored in this file, which are then sent back to the originating website on every subsequent visit.

Static Cookies are stored on your device for a length of time until removed or until they expire. These cookies are very common, and are often used to remember your preferences between visits, or to recognize your device as distinct from another device. Session Cookies are temporary files created to maintain a session between your Internet browser and our server.

Session Cookies are deleted when you close your browser. Always finish your session by logging out and closing your browser, which in most modern browsers will ensure that your session with our server has terminated.

Local Storage is a feature of modern browsers similar to cookies, allowing a website to store and retrieve information in your browser’s local storage area. This information is not shared with other websites.

Why Signature Windows & Doors uses cookies

Signature Windows & Doors use cookies to establish your preferences for this website, and to provide you with features such as the personalized delivery of certain information. Signature Windows & Doors collects anonymous visitor statistics assisted by the use of a cookie which provides us with general and not individually specific information. Signature Windows & Doors will make no attempt to identify individual users, or to associate any statistical information collected with any individual user. Signature Windows & Doors makes every effort to avoid storing sensitive or private information in these cookies. You can disable a cookie by clicking the Opt Out button for that cookie. You can also opt in later if you change your mind. Your cookie preference will also apply to any data set by this website using your browser’s Local Storage feature. Marvin Architectural recommends using your Internet browser’s cookie management and local storage screens to set your preferences for all cookies and all websites from a central location, rather than on each website you visit.

Cookies used by this website

The following cookies are used on this website. If you choose to opt out, these cookies will not be used during your visit and the features associated with them will not work. If you do not opt out you are signalling your consent for Signature Windows & Doors to store these cookies on your device and to collect anonymous statistical data about your browsing session. Please note that you will need to set these options individually on every device or Internet browser that you use to browse this website. Historical cookies, stored by a previous version of this website, may not be listed below, and can be safely deleted if they are no longer in use. See your browser’s help section for instructions.