Casement Windows | What You Need To Know

27 June 2019

What Are Casement Windows?

A casement window is a window sash that is hinged on one side only and opens inwards or outwards. Casement windows are popular across Ireland as they are a very convenient design that directs a lot of airflow into your home. This window can be a single stand-alone window design or used in a combination with other windows to get the stunning appearance and light into your home.

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The main advantages of casement windows are:

  • Suitable for both traditional and modern Irish home styles.
  • Design flexibility and ease of use.
  • Create wide openings to infuse your home with fresh air.
  • Quality built casement windows are excellent for enhancing your homes energy efficiency as there are less moving parts.
  • Easier to meet building regulations as they can be used as a means of a fire escape.

What Material Should You Use?

We at Signature believe that the best material types for casement windows are either wood or aluminium clad wood. These two styles of window materials allow you to achieve beautiful slim profiles without sacrificing on performance.

Engineered Wood

Here at Signature, we believe that wood is still the most suitable and sympathetic material for Irish homes. When it comes to appearance, wood always ticks the box for its natural beauty, grains and texture. Factory finished with multiple premium teknos paint coats, Signature wood windows can have a product lifespan up to 60 years with proper maintenance.

Traditional Style Wood Casement Windows

Wood Casement Windows Ireland
Signature only uses engineered wood with their windows to drastically prolong the lifespan of the product against the natural elements and to prevent warping. Our traditional range consists of quality knot-free timber with a moisture content of 12% +/- 2%.
  • Luxurious detailed interior traditional profile options.
  • Slim frames and flush finishes.
  • Any RAL colour (with dual options)
  • 18mm or 22mm glazing bar sizes with bespoke patterns.
  • Engineered wood drastically improves the lifespan of windows.
  • Double or triple glazing available to reach U-Values as low as 1.2 w/m2k.
  • Triple sealed around sash and frame for greater airtightness performance.

Low Maintenance Aluminium Clad Wood

Aluminium Clad Wood (aka aluclad) is the perfect solution for Irish homeowners who want all the benefits of wood without the hassle of maintenance. Signature offers both modern and traditional styles of aluminium clad wood windows.

Modern Style Aluminium Clad Wood Casement Windows

Thermally Broken Windows


  • Thermal-break is used between the wood and aluminium to drastically improve thermal and water performance.
  • Double or triple glazing available to reach U-Values as low as 0.8 w/m2k.
  • Any RAL colour (with dual options).
  • Minimalistic slim profile suitable for contemporary decor.
  • Flush appearance with a tight gap between the sash and frame.
  • Triple sealed around sash and frame for greater airtightness performance.

Traditional Style Aluminium Clad Wood Casement Windows

Best Casement Windows Ireland

  • Extruded aluminium cladding exterior in over 50 colour options
  • Luxurious detailed timber interior with a traditional ovolo profile.
  • Slim frames and flush finishes.
  • 16mm or 22mm glazing bar sizes.
  • Engineered wood drastically improves the lifespan of windows.
  • Weatherproof sealing system protects the wood interior.