Holiday Home/Rural Retreat in the Vale of Avoca, Co. Wicklow

Full package replacement of custom design and high performance windows and doors in rural home.

Holiday Home/Rural Retreat in the Vale of Avoca, Co. Wicklow

Holiday Retreat/Rural House for Family in Avoca with full package replacement of solid wood tilt/turn and fixed windows and Inswing doors.

Weekend Retreat Home from the Frantic Pace of Dublin City Centre

The homeowners bought this house about 5 years ago and fell in love with it not only because of its stunning location but also because it was designed in such a way to take full advantage of the site.  The original owner was the architect himself Meehan Architects in Arklow Co. Wicklow, who designed and built the house in 1974.  It was then owned by a local artist who used the main reception room as his studio. The present owners were looking for a rural retreat not too far from Dublin city centre as they wanted to go down every weekend after work on a Friday evening. The contrast between the busy, frantic pace of city life and this rural retreat could not be greater – and all within a 30 minute drive from the city.

Full Package Window Replacement

When they purchased the house, the windows were very unsatisfactory both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. “It was raining inside” said the owner. The owners sought 3 quotes for their window replacement job and finally fixed on Signature as it was the company who could deliver a full package to them: custom design, fine aesthetics, high performance units. The removal, disposal and recycling and full installation was carried out within a matter of days.

Custom Design Solutions from Signature Windows

The house itself is modest in size with the emphasis on main reception room facing out over the dramatic and lush landscape of the Vale of Avoca. The modest entrance to the house belies the total architectural impact of the home. The front of the house is cantilevered over a steep ravine which at this time of year is lush with purple heathers and yellow gorse and amazing scent. The big picture window in this room with a triangular transom above it was custom designed by the Signature window and door in-house technicians and installed by the specialist Signature installation team. This window is in the centre of the room and spanning out from it on both sides like wings are the tilt-turn windows and the special shaped windows.

The room is flooded with natural light and is the ultimate in luxurious warmth and comfort. The interior style of the home is Scandinavian with white painted walls, cool blue fabrics and beautifully crafted detailed bare-wood furniture.  The bedrooms are cell like which is totally functional and incredibly attractive. The kitchen is positioned at the end of the hall with 360 degree views. The owners installed large Tilt-Turn windows in this room to capture uninterrupted views with clear large glass panes and also provide total security as this is a priority with a holiday home.

Vale Avoca, Co. Wicklow Case Study

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    “From the time we came across the Signature Showroom situated in Harold’s Cross Rathmines down to the detailed technical and design advise we knew we had chosen the right company. Installing one of the windows in particular required a skilled team as it was not symmetrical even though it looked it to the eye. We are very happy with the outcome as it means we can enjoy our beautiful home in comfort knowing that the architectural character and personality of the house remains intact.”