Historic Period Home Welcomes Natural Light | Traditional Wood Sliding Sash Windows

Traditional Newbuild Project In County Meath

Situated in Co.Meath, this traditional-style newbuild demanded a range of wood windows and doors that modernize the energy performance while remaining true to its original character. The goal of the newbuild project was to preserve the historic architectural integrity of the build with thoughtful updates intended to complement the active contemporary lifestyle of the family.

Signature worked closely with the client to maintain a true historical facade, focusing on fine details, retaining modern thermal performance and going the extra mile to preserve as much of the home’s architectural integrity as possible. From the modern light-filled interiors to the traditional slim profile window and door finish, this is a fine example of how to do a true historic newbuild the right way.

Large Sliding Sash Windows In A Bay Style Maximise Natural Light Into The Living Area

Modernising Historic-Style Sliding Sash Windows

The client selected Signature Traditional Wood Sash Windows, which closely matched the original historic windows in both style and operation. In order to maximise natural light into the home, the client incorporated a wall of sash windows to the rear of the home. Large 1570mm wide by 1800mm high sliding sash windows, in a bay window style, were also placed in the open floor plan rear living area to accommodate the entrance of natural light into the home. Structural steel supports were utilised between the mullions in the bay window.

Due to the nature of their design, sash windows were historically known for poor energy performance. However, Signature’s traditional sash windows feature the latest performance innovations including double glazing with low e coating and argon gas, a triple weather sealing system to prevent draughts and engineered timber to prevent warping. These performance features are all achieved while maintaining a true historic slim window profile.

True Historic Designs Combined With Contemporary Performance

Creating a Grand Entrance

The key focal point of the facade is the Georgian-style hardwood timber entrance door. The external is finished with a jet black (RAL 9005) while the internal is finished in traffic white (RAL 9016). The sidelights were finished in traffic white (RAL 9016) in contrast to the timber entrance door. The elegant antique brass hardware beautifully complemented the dark exterior finish.

Aside from the premium aesthetic appearance, Signature timber entrance doors feature state-of-the-art security features including a sophisticated multi-point locking system.

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