South Dublin Sash Window Replacement Project

Upgrading A Period Home With Aluminium Clad Wood Sash Windows

This stunning period home set in South Dublin originally featured single glazed timber sliding sash windows. These old window presented numerous problems including poor energy efficiency due to the single glazing, draughts due to poor sealing system and signs of timber decay.

The ability to achieve low maintenance performance while retaining a slim traditional window profile was a major requirement for this project. The Andersen Aluminium Clad Wood Sliding Sash Window offered the perfect solution in terms of aesthetics and performance.

Before & After Replacement

Slide the arrow over the image to see the before and after difference.

[twenty20 img1=”11746″ img2=”11742″ width=”50″ offset=”0.1″ before=”Before Replacement” after=”After Replacement” hover=”true”]

The Benefits Of Low Maintenance Sliding Sash Windows

A classic beauty, the Andersen Sliding Sash Window is an exclusive aluminium clad wood window solution in the Irish market.

The Andersen Sliding Sash Windows feature a low maintenance aluminium cladding exterior that replicates traditional wood profiles. This high commercial grade finish offers a low maintenance solution without sacrificing the traditional appearance of the sash window.

The interior is finished in a premium douglas fir wood finish that adds warmth and character to your home.

Custom colours. Unlimited design options. Dynamic sizes and shapes. With Andersen’s premium windows & doors, the home that you’ve always imagined can be more than a dream. It can be a reality.