Historic Period Home Modernised Living Spaces

Modernising An Extension With Classical Windows & Doors

Designed by Martin Noone Architect, this extensive remodel of a historic period home dramatically expands and modernises the living spaces while remaining true to its original character.

The goal of the extension project was to honour the historic architecture with thoughtful updates intended to complement the active contemporary lifestyle of the family. The Andersen Collection offered the perfect blend of classical aesthetics and low maintenance.

Introducing Andersen Windows & Doors

Signature designed and installed new, energy-efficient aluminium clad wood windows and doors from the Andersen Collection. These state-of-the-art windows and doors offer an alluring slim profile combined with low maintenance benefits.

The floor to ceiling windows allow ambient light to flood the interiors setting a warm inviting tone for the large open space. These large fixed windows also provide panoramic views of the luscious garden and water feature creating a sense of tranquillity.

The homeowner describes the outdoor patio as feeling like “part of the kitchen”. The Andersen French Patio Doors allow for an effortless transition inside out while retaining a classical appearance. The top-hung windows above the Andersen French Patio Doors allow for ventilation, even during light rain.

The homeowner selected the antique finish for their window and door hardware to complement their interior decor.

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