Historic Coastal Farm House | Andersen Windows & Doors

Historic Coastal Farm House Receives Complete Renovation

The design, led by J P Feenely | Chartered Architect, carefully integrated old and new elements that reflect that the building is now home to a family with distinct needs and aesthetic preferences. The goal of the remodel was to honour the past architectural design with thoughtful updates intended to complement the active contemporary lifestyle of the family.

Due to the property being situated along the wild Atlantic coast, the windows and doors need to be able to withstand constant harsh weather conditions.

The family wanted the windows and doors to stay true to the home’s historic appearance while also being sustainable and requiring next to no maintenance.

Premium Aluminium Clad Wood Sliding Sash Windows From The Andersen Collection

Traditional Styled Aluminium Clad Wood Windows & Doors

The Andersen Collection was the perfect solution for this traditional refurbishment project. Andersen Windows & Doors are made of natural timber protected by an aluminium exterior. The aluminium exterior offers greater protection against the harsh coastal weather, withstanding salt air, high winds and the occasional storm.

Throughout the home, a variety of Andersen sliding sash and casement windows open up the interiors, connecting each space to the beautiful surrounding views and bringing in an abundance of ambient light. The combination of sliding sash windows was tactically designed by the architect to maximise the entrance of natural light and seamlessly establish a link between inside and out

The Andersen French Patio Doors feature a slim 22mm glazing bar and raised aluminium panel detail, creating a luxurious entranceway that will retain its beauty for a lifetime.

The homeowner opted for the Andersen Windows & Doors over uPVC styled windows due to the premium slim appearance and natural texture of the wooden interior. The convenient tilt-in wash mode featured on the sash windows also allow for easy access to clean the exterior with ease.

Combining Historical Features With Contemporary Living

In a house that marries old and new, and sharp lines with soft curves, the result is a showcase of what can be achieved when respecting the architectural integrity of a building and serving a contemporary sustainable living lifestyle.

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