Are Alu Clad Windows Worth It?

The Short Answer Is Yes, Here's Why.

Are Alu Clad Windows Worth It?

11 June 2020

What Is Alu Clad?

Aluminium clad windows, also known as alu clad windows, are windows made up of wood on the inside and aluminium cladding on the outside. The wood interior gives you all the benefits of wood windows, and at the same time, the aluminium exterior protects the wood from the elements. The aluminium clad exterior keeps the wood dry and needs little to no maintenance, while the wooden interior can be stained or painted to suit your design requirements.

Aluclad Windows Worth It

Benefits Of Alu Clad Windows

triple glazed aluminium clad windows

The interior wooden window frames look naturally warm and add texture to your home. The exterior aluminium withstands natures toughest elements and protects the wood interior. This composite combination of wood and aluminium provides a premium low maintenance modern window solution.

Wood will contract and expand with changing temperatures and moisture levels, however, you are protected from the weather since the aluminium exterior remains rigid and keeps the seal intact. Not only will the aluclad windows look aesthetically pleasing, they will drastically improve your energy efficiency.

Signature aluclad windows can reach U-Values as low as 0.65 w/m2k while retaining an ultra-slim profile. The lower the window U-value the better the energy performance.

  • Custom Made Shapes & Sizes
  • Clean & Modern Slim Profiles
  • Tight Flush Finish
  • Excellent Energy Performance
  • Thermal Break Between Aluminium & Wood

Learn More About Signature’s Contemproary Aluclad Wood Range

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